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About Us

About Our Company

We enable our operating subsidiaries to experience strong financial returns, by retaining highly skilled and experienced management teams with attractive incentives, and through capital support.

EIG is a privately held group of companies, started almost 15 years ago as a result of the shareholders' desire to bring together their interests in solutions for providing financial services and financial advisory , management consultancy services capacity building, Executive airline service for customers and corporate security.
Our Long term commitment through various business environments has provided our companies with the stability and support necessary for our management teams to maximize the inherent value of their assets. We operate a decentralized business model with each company’s management team operating independently and with broad autonomy.

Our Subsidiary Companies

Our Vision

To be a world class group of companies by providing service that exceeds clients expectations. we believe that we succeed only when our clients succeed.
We do everything in our power to foster their success, but our work for our clients is always 100% ethical. Simply put, our ambition is to be the most trusted investment firm in the world.

Emirate International Credit

Aims at personal financing, business financing, project financing, asset financing, and real estate among others.

EIG Corporate Security

Aims at securing corporates through all time surveillance, security advisory and guards deployment services.

Age Africa Aviation

Aims at fullfilling customer desire of unrivaled air transport services the by meeting all customers’ expectations.

Technocratic Age Africa

Offer management consultancy services and advisory services altogether through capacity building training programs and general management trainings.
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